The Pei Residence Halls

First CourtEdit

First Court, officially known as Pei Residence Hall West. <-Bob Johnson Residence Hall

It's all about the maxing and relaxing...

Typically, the people in the court tend to be more chill and easy going. (take that as you will) 

Second CourtEdit

Secound Court, officially know as Pei Residence Hall East. <-Peggy Bates Residence Hall

It's totally cool except when it stops being cool briefly???

Typically filled with the school alcoholics and party-goers, with the frequent all night-study buddy-types. 

Third CourtEdit

Third Court, officially known as Pei Residence Hall South. <-Harvey & Elaine Rothenberg Residence Hall

Third Courters will do anything and everything. Adventurers and risk takers. 

Pei DayEdit

An event thrown by RAs to celebrate the birthday of _. Ordinarily held in Palm Court.

Too cool for us... yeah right!!!