The five Palmer Buildings, located across Bay Shore Road from the Cook Library, contain a multitude of campus offices and a residence hall.

Palmer AEdit

Palmer A, abbreviated PMA, is the southwestern-most Palmer building, located across the street from the New College Child Care Center. As of 2011, it contains Central Recieving (also known as the Mail Room) on the first floor, and the IT Department on the first and second floors.

Palmer BEdit

See B Dorm

Palmer CEdit

Palmer C, abbreivated PMC, contains Human Resources and the Environmental Health & Safety office on the first floor, and some professors' offices on the second floor. It is the central Palmer building.

Palmer DEdit

Palmer D, abbreviated PMD, is the northeastern-most Palmer building. It contains the Registrar and College Business office on the first floor, and the office of Public Affairs on the second. Tuition payments, new ID cards, and refund checks can be made here.

Palmer EEdit

Palmer E, abbreviated PME, is the northwestern-most Palmer building. The office of Career Services inhabits the first floor as of 2011, with a classroom and professors' offices on the second.