ACE (Academic Center)

ANL (Anthro Lab)

AOC (Area of Concentration)

BBT (Black Box Theater)

BON (Bon Seigneur House)

CAA (Council of Academic Affairs)

CFA (Caples Fine Arts)

COH (Cook Hall)

CHL (College Hall)

CWC (Counseling and Wellness Center)

GDC (Gender and Diversity Center)

HCL (Hamilton Classrooms)

HCT (Hamilton Center)

HNS (Heiser Natural Sciences)

LBR (Jane Bancroft Cook Library)

MBR (Marine Biology Research Center [Pritzker])

MCAT (Manatee County Area Transit)

NCAA (New College Alumni Association)

NCSA (New College Student Allience) 

PCP (Palm Court Party)

PMA (Palmer A)

PME (Palmer E)

RA (Resident Advisor)

SAC (Student Allocations Committee)

SCAT (Sarasota County Area Transit)

TA (Teaching Assistant OR Teaching Auditorium [HCL 7])

OMG (Oh my goodness!)

LOL (Lots of luck.)

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