Each New College student is required to complete seven "Contracts" in order to graduate. The terms of the contract are set by the student and his/her advisor at the beginning of each semester, but may be renegotiated before the deadline (November 18th for Fall, and April 27th for Spring semseter, in this 2011/12 school year).

The form is only available online at: . The form must be filled out, printed, and signed by the student and his/her counselor by August 31st in order to avoid a $100 fine.

Typically, a contract will consist of:

A list of planned courses; including the course number, name of course, the course session (whether it is in Mod I, Mod II, or a full semester class), and the name of the professor.

A section to list long and short-term goals.

A section to list extracurriculars (anything from attending Fencing Club to watching 'The Walking Dead')

Certification criteria. This is where you and your advisor decide what it will take for you to satisfactorily complete this contract. For instance, if your criteria is "4/5 classes", that means you must sat at least four of the five classes you are taking in order for that contract to count towards your graduation requirements.


A student may renegotiate his/her contract by the deadline at the end of the semester. This usually happens when a student feels he/she is not doing as well as expected in one or more classes. The necessary form is available at: